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Tired of losing or trying to find quality talent for entry level positions?

Our Logistics Nearshoring Services Provide

Colombia offers the best in talented professionals. Our employees are eager to work for a company that offers a stable environment. We train all of our candidates in basic logistics and transportation industry knowledge prior to becoming a part of your team.

Increase your results with our logistics solutions
Remote workers in our logistics solutions that will improve your processes

Unsure if remote workers are as as employees in your office?

With the help of our Quality Assurance teams, clients establish KPIs for each position to mirror productivity in the U.S.

Clients are provided a web portal for reporting, tracking KPIs, and monitoring individual productivity.

Check out the Logistics and Transportation nearshoring positions we offer

  • Data Entry

    Maintains database by entering new and updated customer and account information.

  • Safety Analyst

    Assisting the Safety Department in enforcing all the safety policies, programs, training, investigations, and emergency response.

  • Assistant Dispatcher

    Provides order tracking and other administrative duties. Develops and communicates movements based on customer needs and schedules, to facilitate optimal customer service.

  • Documentation & Accounting Analyst

    Independently perform the full range of accounting duties. Successful performance requires thorough knowledge and skill to exercise sound independent judgement within established guidelines. Cognizant of general, commercial, fund, and governmental accounting procedures.

  • POD Retrieval

    Provide not only proof of delivery but also, data integrity, multi-point delivery, and single point of contact for data exchange.

  • Customer Care Assistant

    Primary point of contact between your business and its customers. If customers want to place an order, find information, get advice or handle claims, they will invariably talk to a customer service assistant.

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