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Retain the day-to-day control over how you manage your employees

Steps For Success:

  • Initial needs assessment
  • Collaborate with implementation manager to create a job description for each position and choose candidates
  • Train employees on your standard operating procedures through video chat/screen share, or in person
  • Monitor productivity of your team through a weekly progress report, video conferencing, and/or constant contact through phone and email
  • Implementation manager assists with training as you grow your team
  • LSS manages the critical HR service responsibilities such as payroll, benefits, insurance, and workers compensation
  • Month to month agreement and flat rate fee per employee
How it work LSS

We have a highly educated work force

The vast majority of our employees receive their degrees in Logistics and Administration, Economics, International Business, and Business Administration

Employee Education Profile:


Secondary Education


Bachelor’s Degree


Graduate Degree

How do we recruit?

  • Identification, analysis, and background checks on candidates based on position requirements and, more importantly, personality traits and tendencies
  • Wage and salary surveys
  • Full understanding of your company’s culture
  • Development of the appropriate job description, title, and compensation range
  • Job description development
  • Process review
  • Interviewing and selection training
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