Between 3 – 5 weeks.

Lean Staffing is the employer.

Every client receives a monthly flat rate fee per employee for a 40-hour workweek.

No, since the employee is a Lean Staffing employee, Leans Staffing files all necessary documents.

No differently than in your office. They will VPN from their laptop or desktop and use an IP phone for communication.

The same way your employees in the US access your TMS. You will provide them with login credentials to your current TMS.

It’s easy; you can interview potential employees through Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, Google Hangouts, or In Person.

Through Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, Google Hangouts, or In Person. We encourage our clients to take this opportunity to come down and hang out with your team in person. This is the perfect time to not only train the employees in your company processes but also allow them to understand your company culture and values.  It is an excellent way for them to feel connected to your office in the U.S.

We are pretty flexible, but we have found that at least two employees make the most sense for you and for our business model.

Absolutely! We hosted over 380 people in our offices in 2019. 

Colombia has changed a great deal in the last few years. In December 2016, the government signed a peace agreement with the FARC, leaving the country at peace. We have a concierge service that will be your host during your stay. Colombia is listed as a level 2 country on the travel.state.gov site. It is safe to travel to Colombia, but use caution, and just like in any major city in America, use common sense.  

We offer a full array of logistics and transportation positions. For a complete list, click here.

Data Entry, Tracking Assistance, POD Retrieval, Safety – Claims Assistance, Assistant Dispatcher, Customer Care Agent, Documentation & Accounting Analyst, Operations Analyst, Customer Service Agent, Tech Support, & Debt Collectors

We use the same metrics as companies currently use in the US.

Productivity is comparable to the same position in the US.

Central Time Zone. 

(Colombia does not observe daylight saving time)

Absolutely, we encourage it! If the employee has a visa, there is no problem visiting the US.  

Lean Staffing does an initial transportation workshop. Employees learn - how to track and trace, make live check calls, request POD’s basic US geography, time zones, terminology for trailer equipment, how many pallets fit in a truck. Your employees will be familiar with basic transportation knowledge and vocabulary before you begin training them your way.

Yes, each employee has a fob or card that must be used to gain access to the building and internal office space. All buildings are Class A with internal and external CCTV feed systems. Fingerprint scanners can be requested for clients with dedicated offices.

All employees sign a non-disclosure agreement. Each employee is dedicated to one broker and never moved from one company to another.  All USB ports are disabled unless requested by the client. All work is done through your company’s VPN access; Lean Staffing does not store any company data. There are no printers in the office unless you request one.  All employees have their own workstation.

Lean Staffing infrastructure is at the highest levels; we are ISO 9001 certified and have a strong network typology which guarantees full redundancy.  Lean Staffing requires security training for all employees.

Yes, each office collaborates with their account executive to establish all KPI’s. All KPI’s are measured and reported.

Each employee is provided: Desk, chair, computer with (2) monitors, & an IP Phone.

Yes, it was enacted and tested in real-time by COVID-19. Visit leanstaffing.com/corona-virus-update for our client’s responses.

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