Thanksgiving is thankful for Black Friday, right?

5 December, 2017

Thanksgiving is thankful for Black Friday, right?

By: Ariana Perez

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them” – Katherine Barchetti.

In marketing, the power of the customer pushes all companies to be more competitive. Society is the one who controls part of the final process for sales. As everyday everything changes, sales companies must find new strategies to gain the people’s attention. So, when the holidays arrive, companies must accommodate those strategies to make the consumer happy.

It is not just about giving the customer a good experience, it is also about giving them a cheaper price. Black Friday, one of the dates that makes all shoppers and stores go crazy, entered so many years ago into the market defined by the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic that occurs on the day after Thanksgiving. Through the years, Black Friday became a date for cheap retail deals and nowadays both dates are connecting. Even though people know that Thanksgiving is a date to express gratitude, especially to God, they are using part of this holiday to start Black Friday early.

But what happened with the customer? Do they prefer spending money on Thanksgiving? Most people simply ignore Thanksgiving Day and prefer to spend money on Black Friday. Having a cheaper price on products will interest customers since the point of Black Friday is to have people research the product they want and save money by waiting until that date to get a good deal.

Finally, companies seize opportunities by looking for new strategies to sell more and adapt the consumer to react the way they want. They show the importance of celebrating those holidays, but in fact they use these dates to make money.

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