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Millennials: the young generation shaping the future.

Neil Howe and William Strauss, who are accredited by creating the term Millennial in their 1991 book Generations, define the group as those born between 1982 and 2000. Since then the term has become popular in the social media, the world has created a whole bunch of stereotypes. Some people think they’re entitled. Some others think they’re lazy. But if we focus on stereotypes, we lose sight of the real story, according to the blog Atlantic search, Millennial represents the most educated generation in comparison with Gen X, and indeed 21% of them has completed post-graduates studies. From these data we can infer that there are more competitiveness in the professional field.


This group which also has an impact using the technology, came into the society to create new ideas, and promote innovation. Companies also change the way they used to be, it’s real that if they want to stay in the market they should find solutions to make that happen; the competition increases every day and what they want is to look for innovation and development. One of the main features of this new generation is the ambition of building a solid professional career, that’s why they hope to be in constant growth within the organizations, looking for new challenges and best positions, though is not easy, nowadays we can see young people leading important companies worldwide, using factors like leadership, commitment and attitude.


And that’s how they get promoted, this generation understands that in order to be in a higher position, they must have those qualities mentioned before: innovation, commitment, attitude, leadership and development. And finally, is also important to remember that you don’t have to be scare to get out of your comfort zone.