“Fuller Speed Ahead” Spotlights Colombian Nearshoring Benefits

Adam Bilzerian and David Bell sitting down with Craig Fuller

David Bell, co-founder of Lean Staffing Solutions (LSS) and CEO of Lean Tech IO, believes American companies can benefit from nearshore staffing in Colombia.   Bell and Adam Bilzerian, director and investor of LSS and Lean Tech, recently sat down with Craig Fuller to discuss Colombian outsourcing as part of the FreightWaves.TV show, “Fuller Speed […]

New Inc 5000 list flush with transport and logistics companies

truck silhouette

The 2019 Inc 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in the United States has been released, and it is chock-full of transportation and logistics companies. Applicants must submit four years of profit and loss statements (younger companies are not eligible) and the last three years are what is taken into consideration for the rankings. […]

AscendTMS And Lean Staffing Solutions Partner To Provide Low-Cost Staffing Services In AscendTMS

People working at a satellite office

InMotion Global, Inc. announced today that AscendTMS, the world’s number one rated transportation management software (TMS), has partnered with the largest nearshore logistics staffing company, Lean Staffing Solutions, to offer bundled TMS software and staffing packages within AscendTMS.   The combination of Lean Staffing Solutions and AscendTMS provides brokers and carriers with on-demand logistics staff […]

Some Fleets, 3PLs Turn to Near-Shore Staffing to Address Shortage of Office Workers

Back office workplace at Lean Staffing

While the freight transportation industry has struggled for years to recruit and retain truck drivers and maintenance technicians, many companies are facing another labor challenge — a shortage of entry-level office workers.   As it becomes increasingly difficult to find, hire and keep employees who respond to customers’ calls, dispatch drivers and pursue new business, […]

Why so many freight brokerages have offices in Colombia.

Lean Staffing workers at the office

April 15, 2019, John Paul Hampstead   One of the best-kept secrets in the U.S. logistics industry is the fact that many freight brokerages have staff in Colombia. Anything from a late-night track-and-trace call to compliance and collections might be handled by a young college graduate in Cartagena rather than Chicago.   At the Transportation Intermediaries […]

New Year’s Resolution: Productivity!

Shockers! 2018 is just around the corner and you might be wondering if you fulfilled last year’s resolutions. This will be my year! I want to change my eating habits and get fit. Do these phrases sound familiar to you? Start this year fresh by identifying five common habits we all fall into and how […]

Millennials: the young generation shaping the future.

Neil Howe and William Strauss, who are accredited by creating the term Millennial in their 1991 book Generations, define the group as those born between 1982 and 2000. Since then the term has become popular in the social media, the world has created a whole bunch of stereotypes. Some people think they’re entitled. Some others […]

YOLO! So, what’s your deal?

For those who don’t know me, my name is Daniel Agamez, Director of Operations and implementation.  I started with LSS back in June 2015 with no experience in Logistics whatsoever and I can tell you, it has been quite the ride.     I believe that there is a reason behind everything we do whether […]

Quality Department

You may have heard that there is now a Quality Department in our company, so let’s break down what that means for a moment.   What’s Quality? Quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of customers.   To ensure customer satisfaction, standardize processes and improve quality, Lean Staffing Solutions has now opened the Quality […]

How To Be A Great Leader And Inspire Your Team

You may choose from a few diverse ways to be a leader. However, there’s only a few needed to really become a great leader and they don’t come by easily. It can be attained through discipline, commitment, perseverance, experience and enthusiasm. Being a leader goes further than just getting results, it’s also about gaining the […]