What are 3PL Services and How are They Classified? 

yellow forklift in warehouse for 3pl services

In the past few years, in almost every industry, services have become more specific to satisfy customers’ needs. Logistics and Transporation is no exception. The ever-growing requisites of companies have fragmented service providers, which has led to confusion and lack of knowledge in the market.   Knowing your company’s needs and finding the best alternative for success are essential […]

How Does Nearshoring your Back-Office Work?

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Understanding what your business needs to succeed, at times, is frustrating and, in some cases, hard to fathom. Many aspects need to be taken into account to find the perfect solution for your company. Companies have had to deal with many external issues that have affected their revenue and growth aspirations.     We all know revenue and growth are the essential factors […]

What is Back Office Support and Why Is It Important?


What is Back Office?      Every company has operational and administrative tasks that take up time and effort from client-facing activities. Here’s why having Back Office support can positively impact your organization in multiple ways.   It is an extended branch of a company that focuses on providing support to the front office. Some of the activities […]

Lean Tech listed by Analytics Insight Magazine as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative RPA Companies in 2020

As released by Analytics Insight Magazine, Lean Tech was listed as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative RPA Companies in 2020. The Analytics Insight Web Magazine list features disruptive companies within the technology industry, showcasing their tech-related milestones and strategies on growing profitable businesses based on tech; therefore, giving these top-notch companies excellent visibility.       […]

E-Commerce Impact on the Logistics and Transportation Industry

The mobile is the tool that helps the logistics and transportation industry adapted to the e-commerce needs

With COVID-19 turning into a worldwide pandemic, online shopping has become the only safe way to get the hands-on items you want or need. Buyers are turning their sight to the internet to solve their daily problems; the internet has become the means to their ends. But it’s not just the internet; it’s the device that’s […]

Lean Staffing Solutions Ranks No. 347 On the Inc. 500 List   

Lean Staffing's Business Solutions Ranks on Inc500

As released by Inc. Magazine, Lean Staffing Solutions is No. 347 on its annual Inc. 500 list for America’s fastest-growing private companies. This prestigious list showcases the most successful companies within the independent small businesses segment of the economy. Big companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Vizio have also been part of this list, gaining their first […]

3 Benefits of Outsourcing During COVID-19

Outsourcing office at Lean Staffing. At Lean Staffing you can experience all the benefits of outsourcing.

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses work around the world. Companies are trying their best to renew their operations and maintain an income while ensuring their employees’ and clients’ safety.   This is easier said than done. But there are a couple of ways these effects can be mitigated, one of them is: outsourcing. Although many […]