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Quality Growth

February 06, 2019

By: Carlos Sánchez, Quality Manager.

LSS Management Staff who finished the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Course

This year, LSS set the groundwork for the Quality Department and began training in order to receive certification from the International Standards organization (ISO) 9001:2015 with the intention of developing technology and service/product standards. These standards lead LSS to a more efficient, safer, and cleaner development of services; it also leads to more standardized services for consumers. With a focus on high-quality standards, the first 4 months of training into ISO allowed LSS not only to understand the international standards but to learn implementation strategies based on the company’s needs.

It has been beneficial for LSS that the management staff strengthen their abilities to continue driving business growth, and obtain higher levels of commitment. Throughout the months of October and November of 2018, the leaders of the company were enrolled into a one (1) month Leadership and Productivity course; undoubtedly these activities provide an added value to our service. One of our objectives for 2019 is to make sure that everyone within the company at any operational level receives continuous training.

The Quality Department has two main priorities:

  1.  The Quality Management System (QMS), we rely on ISO 9001:2015 for standards within the entire organization.
  2.  The Quality Assurance Program specifically focuses on supporting the Operations Department. The program is committed to the following drivers:
    a.  English Proficiency
    b.  Professionalism
    c.   Logistics Knowledge
    d.   Customer Service

With these strategies as our focus, and for proper implementation and follow up to the activities involved, it was required to add the right assets to the quality department. The team is comprised of:

  • Carlos Sanchez – Quality Manager
  • Maria Crissien – Quality Coordinator
  • Susan Barranco – Quality Coordinator
  • Neider Sarabia – Quality Assistant
  • Carlos Abuchaibe – Communications Trainer

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