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Outsourcing Is Patriotic

February 06, 2019

By: Nicholas Strober, Account Executive.

As a patriotic American I grew up with the belief that outsourcing was a greedy, underhanded way to make a few dollars at the expense of my fellow countrymen. Today, I work for a company that sells outsourcing services, and I consider myself no less of a patriot. How did I get from there to here? Our economy is a lot more complicated than the slogans, such as “Make America Great Again” would lead you to believe. In fact, the President’s companies outsource; and it’s totally consistent with his overall economic message. The President, and myself, want our economy to grow so people can have high-paying jobs they are excited to have.


We believe the path to make our economy great is through the intelligent allocation of jobs. One of the problems with the economy is our inability to match jobs with workers. You will notice that our nation boasts an incredibly low unemployment rate, but yet our worker participation is also historically low. Our economy has shifted over the years, and we are now at a place in which American employers are offering jobs that American workers simply won’t accept. Why would a worker toil away in a job they hate to make less money than they can get by going on government assistance?


My company—Lean Staffing Solutions— takes low-paying jobs that Americans either won’t accept, or accept as a temporary bridge to something better and shifts those positions to Colombia—where the currency conversion makes these jobs extremely desirable. In positions where US companies experience discontentment and high turnover, Colombian college graduates flock to us to apply for the opportunity. Our employee satisfaction is off the charts and our turnover is incredibly low.


What is the net result of this relationship? Our company is owned by Americans and its upper management and high-paying sales jobs are almost exclusively occupied by Americans. We even have Americans who choose to live in Colombia occupying some of our administrative jobs. The US companies that contract for our services save 40-60% of their employee costs and are able to grow quickly as we always have new employees ready and willing to work. This relationship affords the US companies the opportunity to put those savings into the growth of their business, thereby creating high-paying sales, marketing, and managerial jobs that Americans are eager to have. So to summarize: the profit from this relationship stays in America and is redeployed to hire sales people to achieve greater growth, the savings the companies receive stays in America and leads to the creation of jobs Americans actually want, and Colombians receive jobs they are excited and grateful to have.


Lean Staffing Solutions’ mission is intelligent patriotism. You won’t find our employees criticizing immigrants or forcing Americans to accept jobs that they don’t want. You will find us creating savings for US companies, profit for our owners, and jobs for the places we do business in. You will find us Making the American and Colombian Economies Great.

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