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  • Lean Staffing Solutions understands the nuances of the shipping and logistics industries and offers Back Office solutions and services that enable clients to optimize costs and improve profitability. We serve clients in Road (trucking), Shipper (Manufacturer) and Third-Party logistics (3PL) firms in the US. Our approach is flexible, we can work with your technology or present you with capital efficient solutions that include our best in class technology and best practice processing model.
    We offer cost optimization and scalability programs to shippers, carriers and LSPs (Logistics Service Providers).

    These are our services in the Logistics and Transportation Industry:

    • Track and Trace
    • Invoicing - Billing
    • Dispatch
    • Customer Care
    • Documentation
    • Collections
    • Safety

PEO Services Provider for

We work with each client to review documentation and, when necessary, offer suggestions to improve their recovery.
Lean Staffing Solutions have assembled the most knowledgeable staff of experts to not only work closely with you but to listen to the individuals who have been assigned for collection. Our collectors are properly trained in the best techniques to yield a successful collection.

Lean Staffing Solutions comply with all aspects of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), company policies and procedures.

All client information is kept in strict confidence and we maintain the same level of confidentiality for those who have been assigned for collection.

  • Trace customer to new contact information using TLO software.
  • Confer with customer by telephone in attempt to determine reason for overdue payment.
  • Request appropriate form letters to customers to encourage payment of delinquent accounts or confirm agreements to settle accounts.
  • Record information about financial status of customer and status of collection efforts using automated collections software.
  • Obtain and review appropriate correspondence and documents, both paper and electronic that pertain to the account.
  • Establish payment schedule and grant extensions of payment deadline
  • Set up goals and follow up results of collector’s representatives.
  • Direct communication with Law Office to determine accounts to be worked on.

Qualified Staff We Offer:


The collector will be responsible for handling inbound and outbound calls to reach out customers in an effort to secure funds for overdue payments, loans, or bills. He/She will act as the middleman between a creditor and the customer to manage the accounts. The collector will be accountable for reviewing the debtor's account to recover the debt for the client and perform follow up. In addition he/she will be responsible for managing the accounts in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Software Development

As the business ecosystem turns increasingly digital and cognitive, Lean Staffing Solutions must take a fresh approach to IT to future-proof its companies. Emerging technologies can help re-invent the existing IT landscape and create a winning edge by embedding intelligence into strategy, deploying new business models, increasing agility and driving innovation.
The use of global IT services offers the potential for compelling cost savings, but also positively associated with good communications and quality management. Companies operate in an increasingly competitive world and cannot afford to ignore a sourcing strategy that might deliver major benefits.

We offer a full suite of software development and management services.

Always in close collaboration with our customer, we'll start with the product definition. From there we develop the technical specifications, and handle the implementation, integration software development and testing of the finished product. Every project comes with a comprehensive documentation.

Our engagements services include:
Single Page Application (SPA)
Multi Platform Mobile App Development
Custom Development for Website

Andy S.
Corporate Operations


“Lean staffing solutions has proven to be a great extension of our company. Their professionalism and ability to adapt to our needs, never seems to be a problem. They always have good suggestions on how to make things more efficient, and have proven to be a valuable asset.”

Jordan R.
VP of Operations


“Lean Staffing Solutions is a valuable asset to our business. The strategic partnership created between our companies gives our organization the platform for unlimited growth potential. From top to bottom Lean Staffing Solutions is a top notch staffing firm. They adapt to our ever changing needs and we are excited to see how high we can fly together.”

Sean P.
LTL Services


“The team at lean staffing solutions has provided us with efficient administrative support, and are flexible to meet the changing needs we have as an organization. I value their partnership and professionalism.”

Mike R.
Station Owner


“We consulted with Lean Staffing Solutions to provide us with a low cost staffing solution. We took a leap of faith with lean staffing, hoping for the best. What we got was a well-trained, educated, bilingual and very articulate employee, who exceeded our expectation in every way. Lean staffing solutions has earned our confidence, which is why we are planning to bring on our third employee staffed by them and definitely not the last.”