Who We Are

Lean Staffing Solutions, inc. began in 2008 and have been pioneers in providing back office support for US based companies in the Logistics Industry.
Our services allow our customers to have total control over their employees overseas with top of the line technology. Furthermore, it has always been our goal to be one step ahead in suggesting new procedures that complement our clients current operations.

Our History

  1. Foundation

    Lean Staffing Solutions establishes its first office in Bogota, Colombia starting with only 5 employees providing data entry, invoicing and Collection services.

  2. Moving Forward

    Lean Staffing Solutions expands its services to include more complete logistical services such as Track and Trace, Customer Service, Document Retrieval and Dispatching.

  3. Colombia Strategic Location

    Due to its proximity to both Miami and Ft Lauderdele airports and an ideal location for Client visits, Lean Staffing Solutions moves its Operations to Cartagena, Colombia.

  4. Constant Growth

    To sustain its current growth, Lean Staffing Solutions decides to open a new location in its neighboring city Barranquilla. Beginning with a small 1,500 sq ft office.

  5. Our Latest Move

    2 years later Lean Staffing Solutions moves to its new 7,000 Sq ft office, with modern amenities for both employees and clients.
    Conveniently located in a 5 star hotel, clients are only a few minutes from their office.

  6. Great Things Come Ahead

    We look forward to continuing to provide a reliable service and offering the best staff for the years to come.
    Goods things come for those who work hard.

Effective Recruitment

Lean Staffing Solutions’ recruitment efforts is focused on bringing young talented fully bilingual professionals from some of the best universities in Colombia.

Optimal Staffing

Organize and balance your team based on your needs. Assigning key accounts to your staff or model your department based on its US counterpart.

Onsite Management

Our management team is always overseeing and ensuring the best in quality. At the same time they are analyzing and looking for ways to improve on your current processes and procesures.